Physical Mediumship

"under certain known and reasonable conditions of temperature, light, etc., entities, existing In a sphere outside our own, have been demonstrated again and again to manifest themselves on earth in temporary bodies materialised from an, at present, undiscovered source, through the agency of certain persons of both sexes, termed Sensitives, and can be so demonstrated to any person who will provide the conditions proved to be necessary for such a demonstration."
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The Ram Inn
The Ram Inn
Greenways Farm
Greenways Farm
Scotlands Secret Bunker
Scotlands Secret Bunker
The Guy Fawkes Inn
The Guy Fawkes Inn
The Mermaid Inn
The Mermaid Inn
The Black Swan York
Black Swan

Ross Castle, Ireland

Ross Castle

Wicklow Gaol, Ireland

Wicklow Gaol

Foulksrath Castle, Ireland
Wicklow Gaol

Binnenveld House, Holland
Binnenveld House, Holland

Churston Court Inn
Churston Court Inn, Devon

Moosham Castle
Moosham Castle, Austria




Conan Doyle's Wallet: The Creator of Sherlock Holmes

By Patrick McNamara

Conan Doyles Wallet

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Book Description

This book was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to enlighten those who have lost their loved ones, or, maybe feel they are lacking direction in their life. It shows that how we live our lives here on earth, affects how we will live in the after life. Basically, there is no death.

If you like Conan Doyle's books, you will love this title also. Conan Doyle inspired the author to write about the relevant spiritual philosophy that anyone can apply to life. The inspiration came to the author after he bought Conan Doyle's wallet in auction. It is based on Conan Doyle's actual wallet and its contents, which the author acquired from his one descendant at Christies Auctions. The contents of the wallet were exactly as left when he died in 1930 and had been kept in a lawyers safe until sold in 2004. There are 30 odd personal items in the wallet that show the kind of individual Conan Doyle was. The contents within are explained in the book and it includes personal family items, letters from his children, photos, personal letters and psychic messages he got from spirit himself. It even had a stamp!

Within the book there is a short biography of Arthur Conan Doyle's fascinating life, his relationship and battles with Houdini which show Houdini has serious character flaws and was not debunking mediums as he said but destroying the good and bad ones alike. Read the chapter which has the story of Houdini's greatest feat which was no trick, his communication through the medium Arthur Ford and was a 10 part secret code from the after life that he agreed with his wife before he died. This was subsequently verified by his wife in the early 1920's. One chapter has a personal trance communication from Conan Doyle through the author who is a medium.

If you want to learn more about the afterlife then there are chapters on physical mediumship, spirit guides and ghosts, reincarnation, the dark spirit regions, spiritual laws explained, how to develop as a medium, and much more. It includes a wonderful evidential email communication with a father who lost his son though suicide and the evidence given by the author without any physical or verbal communication.

Enjoy this book and see how Conan Doyle communicated with the author through his wallet.

Ghosts Moving Flowers


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Welcome to a website dedicated to the promotion of the afterlife using science and mediumship to demonstrate on film that life continues but in a different form of energy after death. we film this energy being produced by a spirit with normal people who can see and touch it in exciting haunted locations in the UK and Ireland.The web site devoted to studying and producing physical mediumship phenomena from a scientific point of view. The aim is simple;

To prove that we do not die but live on after physical death in another form of existence.


How is this being done?

We are putting forward empirical evidence. Evidence based on science using observation, experiment, and experience. We can REPEAT all our phenomenom captured. I emphasise the word repeat as this makes it not paranormal, but normal natural phenomenon.

is it Physical mediumship?

I am experimenting with modern physical mediumship in light, there is no darkness when I do my circles. People can see, sense, feel, and touch physical phenomena in a red and blue lighted room. White light destroys the energy. I do not sit in a cabinet but use one to store energy.

What results have found?

We have found that next existence of life after this life is based on a spirit body living in another dimension of space. Our personality survives death as does our consciousness and mind, but our physical shell is left behind.

Are you a scientist?

I am not a qualified scientist but I do follow scientific empirical procedures, the same procedures that a recognised qualified scientists does. I am observing, experimenting and have plenty of experience in this field. From this point of view I am just trying to put forward an objective approach to a subject that so little is known about. Indeed, in my opinion it is such an important science as many of the other sciences out there. Mediumship is a wonderful gift to have, and to be able to express it through this website is an honour for me. I am very lucky because I am able to see spirits, hear spirits, and sense them too. I have had this ability from an early age so to me it is natural; to everyone else it is un-natural.

What are my techniques?

My techniques are simple, using regular off the shelf technology to capture spirit presences on video film. No tricks, or mirrors, are used. The people in the videos are ordinary members of the public chosen by others to be filmed during a physical circle. The DVD's are done to make them entertaining and show what can be done with mediumship and physical mediumship. My point is not commercial as I am not making money out of this, and in fact it is costing me money and time to do this, the whole idea is to leave a record for history.



Are you religious?

There are no religious views promoted here as it always seems to complicate things and to be honest it makes no difference to what I am trying show here. So forget about what you have learnt from religious teachings and what the various prophets who spoke in god or allahs name may or may not have said. Who really knows how accurate the religious books are. The afterlife has nothing to do with Religion anyway. Religion was created by man, not God. Make up your own mind and if you think there is something in this then go and search for your own proofs too.

Where's the evidence ?

You will find lots of evidence from scientists, philosphers, spirit teachers, and even "dead people" who spoke through Leslie Flints direct voice mediumship on the links page. The voices on the direct voice pages are real spirits speaking from mid air. He was one of the most tested mediums ever. There are great books from spirit guides like White Eagle, Silver Birch, and Red Cloud; Spirits who spoke in trance from the spirit realms who can provide amazing evidence. Nobel prize winning scientists investigated it and found evidence that proves the reality of an afterlife. Some of these are, Sir Oliver Lodge (Radio and Spark Plug Inventor), Sir William Crookes (Cathode Ray Tube and X-Rays), Sir William Barret, Dr Charles Richet, Dr Frederic Myers, John Logie Baird (TV Inventor). Just go look for the evidence, it really is out there.

Is there a science behind this ?

There is a physical scientific law that states we change from one form of energy to another, "The Law of Conservation". This law states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed into another state. This shows that the energy within our physical body, the soul or spirit energy, MUST survive death as it is transformed into another form of energy. The area of study should be called "etheric science" as the soul energy lives in the ether. The ethe surrounds us and it's where the finer particles of energy that surround us.

Why are you bothering when there are so many sceptics ?

All evidence presented here is done with a view to help promote the reality that we all survive death, without any exception, and we continue live on in another dimensional world of spirit communicating through mental thought. This dimension can be similar to our current surroundings believe it or not, while at the same time it is also very different to the dimension we live in here, which we call earth. I am just showing you some cracks in the door that science will burst open one day.

"You have nothing to fear in death"

It is as simple as that. Our loved ones do not die they are all living on in a new life an new body called a spirit body. The spirit body survives death. Without question it does. We are the same person one minute after death as we were one minute before death. The main difference is we have a spirit body instead of a physical body.


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